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WCSI Link provides free transportation to clients, allowing access to community resources which provide opportunities to foster independence and promote personal growth.

The WCSI LINK was developed because there are hundreds of WCSI clients who do not have the resources or ability to access community resources.  We hope that, with the creation of the WCSI LINK, we can provide a temporary alternative solution and assist individuals in living a healthier and happier life while on their way to recovery.

Reservation and Cancellation Hotline

Once the referral is completed and the guidelines are reviewed, the client will be able to schedule rides on the LINK. To schedule or cancel a ride, please call the Reservation/Cancellation Hotline*: 724-689-1248.  Please provide 24 hour advanced notification when cancelling rides.

Who Is Able to Access WCSI LINK?

The WCSI LINK serves all of Westmoreland County. The WCSI LINK has divided the county into areas to ensure that all eligible participants are able to access this service, despite their location. Trips are scheduled to provide service to each area. All WCSI clients are eligible to ride the WCSI LINK; however, those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Adult riders may be accompanied by minor children if need be. Car seats and booster seats can be provided upon request.

A WCSI employee must complete a referral and review WCSI LINK Guidelines prior to a client utilizing the service.  If you need to use WCSI Link, check with your supports coordinator for assistance.

WCSI LINK Assists Clients in Accessing Community Resources

  • Grocery shopping
  • Visiting local food pantries
  • Visiting local thrift stores
  • Completing additional activities of daily living as needed
  • Accessing local community


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Westmoreland County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
1-800-836-6010 T.T.Y Accessible