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Your Supports Coordinator

Once an individual is determined to be eligible for IDD Support, he or she will be notified and assigned a Supports Coordinator. This Supports Coordinator will be your advocate and the primary contact person at WCSI.  Your Supports Coordinator will be responsible for locating, coordinating and monitoring all of the services and supports available.

The Supports Coordinator will be able to provide the following services:

  • Educate on service options
  • Develop Individual Support Plans (ISP)
  • Locate both informal and formal supports and services
  • Coordinate supports and services
  • Monitor services to ensure satisfaction, health and safety, and that the individual receives appropriate and continuous care

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Where Services Can Take Place

Services can be provided in a variety of settings.

  • The individual’s home
  • Community Homes (Group Homes)
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private ICF-ID’s (Intermediate Care Facilities - Intellectual Disability)
  • State Centers

WCSI Support Coordination

WCSI's SCO offers unique ways for our individuals to feel connected to our support coordinators and services offered. When opened to WCSI you will receive a Support Coordinator Bio sharing professional information about your assigned SC. Assignment is based on your location, SC caseload size, and SC specialty areas. WCSI offers specialized support coordination in these areas:

  • Dual Diagnosis (Dual Diagnosis and Crisis Intervention - DDCI SC)
  • Autism Diagnosis (Autism Spectrum Disorder - ASD SC)
  • Community of Practice - (Lifecourse Framework SC)
  • Base Case management for specialized settings (Residential Treatment Facility, State Center, Nursing Home, or Private Intermediate Care Faclilities-ICF-ID's)


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Westmoreland County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
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