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Brian- “He explains (and re-explains) the situation and options very clearly. He is knowledgeable, helpful, kind and relatable. He breaks down the steps as needed and without it being overwhelming.”

Linda- “She checks in regularly and if anything is needed, she is available for help.”

Ruth- “She listens to our needs/concerns. She always looks out for the best interest of my son.”

Brandi- “She is very efficient and considerate explains everything to our satisfaction. Top notch.”

Angela- “Always responds when called and provides the information to guide me thru the steps necessary. Very knowledgeable and prompt.”

Hannah- “Hannah is very responsive and comes up with ideas that I would never think of since I don't really know the "system".”

Shannen- “Always helpful with whatever our needs are.”

Barb- “She is very kind and respectful in helping me.”

Janine- “Always available when I have a question. Gives me all my options for services. Is just great! Could not ask for more.”

Kris- “Meetings, phone calls, positive encouragement. Seeing my needs as I age, listening to my family, and helping them when they need information.”

Melanie S- “Very supportive and tries to incorporate all ideas about my interests.”

Oktober- “Oktober is always there for us when needed and with the pandemic has always been there to help with our concerns. Best SC we ever had!”

Anita- “Always responds in timely manner. A good listener, very helpful.”

Holly- “Holly is unbelievable! She helps as soon as a question is asked to her. She has the answer right away. She does not rush us; she speaks to Margie and is interested to what she has to say. We could not ask for a better person. She has made life so much easier for the care of Margie. Helped us with equipment to get Margie around better and be able to be out in the community.”

Jean- “She is always helpful and finds out info to questions I ask about. She is the best.”

Jennifer SM- “Is always helpful.”

Kaitlyn- “Always calls on time, kind, and helpful.”

Sherrie K- “She provides me with resources I needed.”

Caroline- “Asks my approval for issues, helps explain things during meetings and is helping to find things to do during the day for me.”

Courtney W- “Courtney always has innovative solutions to any problems presented to her.”

Courtney is an active listener, gets involved with two way conversation and acts on my behalf on follow up issues.

Melanie J- “She has been very helpful in every way. Everything is to the point, and she makes it very easy to understand.”

Susan C- “Our supports coordinator helps us to make connections to resources we may not know of!”

Stacey L- “She was the communicator in meetings on my behalf which was great.”

Tina- “If I have a question or concern or suggestion she listens and does her best to help. She does her best to put my mind at ease. Tina calls regularly to do weekly check ins.”

Stacie A- “Stacie has been remarkable! She came to us after many different coordinators and was only supposed to be temporary. After dealing with her, we realized very quickly that we wanted her to be a permanent in our lives. She is caring, extremely supportive, knowledgeable and is always available in a timely manner when she is needed. I don’t know what we would do without her!!”

Cortney K- “Cortney calls me by my nickname that I prefer. She asks what I am interested in and works to help me get what I want and need.”

Amy- “Amy gives me an honest answer. If she isn't sure or doesn't know, she lets me know. Then she finds out the answer and informs me. I feel 100% confident in the information Amy provides me.”

Alicia- “She has given my daughter the support to make good decisions based on her needs.”

Susan D- “Extremely knowledgeable, goes above and beyond in trying to help, always there when needed.”

Lisa- “Completely understands my values as to Kate’s well-being.”

Jennifer M- “Always checking in and talking with me to make sure everything is going ok with me.”

Chris Eicher- “He always takes care of things.”

Carissa- “In every way, always regularly in touch & supportive with whatever our concerns/needs. Also makes suggestions/recommendations for additional support.”

Adrienne- “Adrienne is wonderful. She has been a great support to Alex (and me) during this difficult covid lockdown.”

Amanda F- “Amanda is very flexible when scheduling. Information is provided well in advance, so we have time to review it. Meetings are never rushed.”

Karen- “Karen is always there when I need her. She is kind and patient. Very helpful to ALL of Kelly's needs.”

Haley - “Listens to my issues and discusses them with people who are on my team.”

Casey C- “Very understanding and also has a good approach with individuals.”

Casey B- “My SC shows genuine concern for me and gives me information that may benefit me.”

Arienne - “Goes above and beyond to be helpful, recently brought invaluable information to light that I had no idea about.”

Jamie C- “Helpful, kind, understanding.”

Theresa- “She is responsive and available to find out information that is needed.”

Samantha - “She is always there for me and does everything possible to help with anything.”

Michelle - “Michelle has always looked out for what I want. She listens and if I want something changed, she makes it happen.”

Lynn- “She continues to be involved, helpful, dedicated, and helps with any wants.”

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Supports Coordination services at WCSI are designed to assist children and adults once determined eligible by locating, coordinating, and monitoring support services to help them reach their fullest potential and live a satisfying life.

For more information about our Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities programs or any of the services we offer, please visit our Contact Us page to set up an appointment online or find the phone number for a WCSI office near you!

Caring and Committed IDD Services

WCSI's Support Coordination Organization (SCO) is devoted to ensuring that our individuals are treated with the care, respect, and attention that they need and deserve.

WCSI's SCO has been devoted to putting full effort toward our new hires so that our individuals receive the best support possible. We accomplish this by implementing a formal mentor program. Our mentors are seasoned SC's that apply for the positions and receive specialized training. They provide on the job shadowing training, tips on organizing their schedules, and ways to best document all appointments. The mentors are assigned to our new recruits for their first eight weeks of hire. Shadowing with mentors is mixed with face to face trainings and webinars from our agency and ODP

Our Support Coordination Organization has also focused on supporting individuals in new ways. We have implemented quarterly consumer driven activities and events. The events focus on relationship building and giving individuals ways to connect. WCSI CAFÉ (Conversations and Friendship Everyday) was developed by a team of Supervisors and Support Coordinators to enlighten the lives of our consumers with free activities and a chance to meet others and increase their own self confidence.

In an ongoing attempt to improve Supports Coordination Services to our clients, Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports, Inc. developed a SCO Client Satisfaction Survey. It was offered to the consumers we serve for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. A total of 609 surveys were completed and overall, they were 99.69% favorable of our supports and services.

If you or anyone you know is in need of our services, please visit our Contact Us page to set up an appointment online or find the phone number of a WCSI office near you.


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Westmoreland County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
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