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What is the CareerSTEPS Program All About?

We want to help you succeed. WCSI WIB programs help eligible youth find jobs, get educations, find housing, learn basic life skills, and more. We’re not here to police you or boss you around – and all of our services are voluntary and free.

We are committed to helping the youth of Westmoreland and Fayette counties find their way in life, reach important goals, and basically just learn how to function effectively and happily!

If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today and set up an appointment!

Our Goals

The goal of the Out-of-School-Youth program is to offer services that are designed to provide eligible individuals with the following:

  • Assistance in achieving academic and employment success through effective and comprehensive activities which shall include a variety of options for improving educational and skills-based competencies and to provide effective connections to employers
  • Mentoring opportunities with adults committed to providing such opportunities
  • Training and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Continued supportive service
  • Incentives for recognition and achievement
  • Participation in activities related to leadership, development, decision making, citizenship and community service
  • Attainment of basic skills and, as appropriate, work readiness or occupational skills, secondary school diploma and their recognized equivalents, placement and retention in post-secondary education or advanced training, placement and retention in military service, employment or qualified apprenticeship

Monitoring the Outcomes

Participants in the program are monitored to ensure that the program effectively achieves its goals. Outcomes are monitored in the following areas:

  • Placement in Employment or Education
    Measures the percentage of all youths who are engaged in one of the following soon after leaving the program (excludes those already employed in the military or enrolled in post-secondary education at the start of the program):
    • Employment
    • Military Service
    • Post-secondary Education
    • Advanced Training or Occupational Skills Training
  • Attainment of a Degree or Certificate
    Measures the percentage of youth participants who are enrolled in any organized program of study and receives a degree, diploma or certificate within several months after exiting the program.
  • Literacy and Numeric Gains
    Measures the percentage of basic skills deficient youths who increased one or more educational functioning levels within one year of program participation.

For more information on the Out-of-School Youth program, you can call or visit any one of the Westmoreland-Fayette CareerLink offices.


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