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Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a licensed program through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, created to serve clients identified as seriously and persistently mentally ill.  These clients have more complex needs and may require assistance in re-integrating into the community after a state mental hospital or community psychiatric hospital stay. TCM provides 24-hour on-call availability. Service Planning is also a major component of this service.

The TCM model was created out of the Intensive Case Management (ICM) and Resource Coordination (RC) programs. In fact, the WCSI BH Department was part of the core group of pilot programs to test this model in Pennsylvania. It is now offered throughout the state as the “new face” of behavioral health case management. TCM blends the two models-the more concentrated ICM, and the more baseline RC-into one unique and client focused model, allowing the client to remain with the same case manager as their needs increase or decrease. This model has been shown to increase continuity of care and satisfaction with services.

Services Provided Through the TCM Program

  • Identify, facilitate and coordinate available services.
  • Educate the client on available resources and how to access them.
  • Assist with basic living needs and skills, such as housing, food, medical care, recreation, education and employment.
  • May accompany the client on appointments related to their physical and behavioral health.
  • Liaison with the client’s therapist and/or psychiatrist, in-home therapeutic service provider or approved private school placements for adolescents. Link with Children and Youth agencies and Juvenile Justice Programs as well.
  • Provides specialized case management services in geriatric, forensic and MISA.
  • Direct involvement in discharge planning from state and community hospitals; on call for crisis situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Westmoreland County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
1-800-836-6010 T.T.Y Accessible