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The WCSI Certified Peer Program is a state-licensed program that strives to offer services that support education and support of an individual’s journey toward Recovery.  A Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) is an individual with lived behavioral health experience and who has demonstrated resiliency and perseverance in their own recovery journey. They also go through an intensive Certification Process.

Different from a Clinical Approach

A Peer Specialist offers a unique insight and a valuable perspective that is different from the traditional clinical approach.  These special people want to use their experience and training to help others who are in need. Having guidance and support from someone who has “been there” is what many in recovery value the most about Peer Support Services. Peer Specialists serve not only as mentors but also as sources of hope and inspiration to people who are beginning their journeys to recovery.

How Can a Certified Peer Specialist Help?

  • Identify personal strengths that can help them reach and maintain their recovery goals.
  • Develop positive coping skills that will help them to better manage their mental illness.
  • Build peer relationships and create stronger natural support networks.
  • Enhance their social skills allowing them to live, work and participate more fully in their communities.
  • Build confidence and self-advocacy skills.
  • Navigate community services and resources such as housing, social services, education and employment assistance, health services, etc., from a behavioral health client’s point of view.
  • Offer crisis support, emotional support and relapse prevention.
  • Provide hope that recovery is possible.
  • Share their personal experiences to promote wellness and self-worth.
  • Listen without forming judgement.


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