Westmoreland County 24-Hour Crisis Hotline   1-800-836-6010 T.T.Y Accessible

Below are some of the common acronyms that you’ll come across when browsing our site and working with us.

AHIMA * American Health Information Management Association
AM Administrative Case Management
BH Behavioral Health
BHRS Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
BSU Base Service Unit
CAC Community Advocacy Consortium
CPS Certified Peer Specialist
CJS Criminal Justice Liaison
DD Dual Diagnosis
DHS Department of Human Services
EI Early Intervention
EISC Early Intervention Supports Coordinator
FSS Family Support Services
HCQU Health Care Quality Unit
HCSIS Home & Community Services Information System
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HRO Human Resources Online
HRP Health Risk Profile
IDC Intellectual Disabilities Committee
IDD Intellectual Developmental Disabilities
IM4Q Independent Monitoring for Quality
ISO Intermediary Service Organization
ISP Individual Support Plan
IT Information Technology
LMS Learning Management System
MA Medical Assistance
MCI Master Client Index
MDT Multi-disciplinary Team
BH/DS Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
ODP Office of Developmental Programs
OMHSAS Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
PANO Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations
PCCD Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency
PCPA Pennsylvania Community Providers Association
P/FDS Parent/Family Directed Waiver Supports
PELICAN Pennsylvania Enterprise for Linking Information and Children Across Networks
POMS Performance Outcomes Management System
PPI Personal Planning Information
PROMISe Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System
PUNS Prioritization of Urgency of Needs for Services
SC Supports Coordinator
SSD Services and Supports Directory
SSDI Social Security Disability Income
SSI Supplemental Security Income
TABE Test of Adult Basic Education
TCM Targeted Case Management
TLO Time and Labor Online
WIB Workforce Investment Board
WESCOCIS Westmoreland County Client Information System


770 East Pittsburgh Street
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134 Industrial Park Road
Greensburg, PA 15601

800-353-6467 toll-free
724-837-4345 fax
724-837-8294 fax
724-689-1270 (Compliance Hotline)

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301 7th Street
New Kensington, PA 15068

877-334-1774 toll-free
724-334-3211 fax

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Westmoreland County 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
1-800-836-6010 T.T.Y Accessible